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Your Host, Robert "Gus" Giordano had an idea a few years ago. Worcester's historic buildings were rapidly disappearing. He hoped to preserve a little of this city's heritage and, at the same time, create a warm, enjoyable atmosphere. Stephen Salisbury constructed a five-story industrial building at 25 Union St. in 1879. Rugged and efficient, the building served as a home for Porter Last Company and later for the Henry L. Hanson Company. During their half century at this address, Hanson taps and dies became world renowned as those foremost in quality. In 1975, the Hanson company moved to a modern facility in Worcester. Gus moved into the former screw machine department.

With the aid of architects, designers and interior decorators, Gus created the most modern kitchen and bar facilities, surrounded by luxury seating, unique tables, backgrounds of brick and beams, carpeting and wood. The floors are hand laid from oblong pieces of railroad ties. A 40-foot bar and canopy, the doors, and all the tables are built from the salvaged lanes of old bowling alleys. More than 40 pool hall lights hang from the ceiling, lined with exposed and original heating pipes.

There are two side rooms, one built in the fashion of a jail cell called the John Dillinger room, plastered with news stories of the famous bank robber. Another room named the Foreman seats up to 30 people. Scattered though-out are restored machines donated by the Hanson company and other factories. A 1915 Rockwood sprinkler system in the Dillinger room is operative. A1905 Stewart Boiler, another notable Worcester product, is set into a brick wall. An old city hydrant is used at the bar as wine tap. Grandfather's wine barrels dot the room. Private dining rooms are available. The facility can accommodate up to 200 people.

Gus Giordano established Maxine's in September of 1979. Recognizing the need in the community for a contemporary private club, Gus arranged to fully occupy the fourth and fifth levels of the toolhouse building using the same innovative architects, designers and craftsmen. The two levels were painstakingly converted into a multi-level lounge and dining room. The lounge features groupings of comfortable seating arrangements providing a private, intimate atmosphere. Next to the bar, also on the sixth level is an entertainment area providing electronic video games, a four by six foot color screen and a private game room. The dining room occupies the entire fifth level with smaller dining rooms available for private entertaining. The decor throughout is rich in primary colors, accented with brass and wood trim. Maxine's is a nonsectarian club, open to corporate, family and individual membership. Membership is limited.

Join us daily for our luncheon specials or enjoy an elegant evening of dining and dancing. Each of our individual dining rooms offers a unique, intimate and memorable experience.

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